Family roots
Rogalskich family roots come from the Kujawy and there lived until now, most of the family. My great-grandfather - Joseph Rogalski lived from 1850-1912.
In 1882 he entered into a dirty married Julianna Kwiatońską. They had an estate - 200 acres [about 50 hectares]. From the stories of older family members revealed that praprababcia had a passion for bridge. Gambling led to the fact that she has lost all his possessions. At the age of 48 committed suicide. These events led the family's son Joseph and Julianna - Felix, my great-grandfather, a story about his parents is a taboo subject. The relationship of children of Felix revealed that her father never spoke about his parents, and if anyone asked about them, but silent about and reacted nervously. We do not know where they are buried my prapradziadkowie. Everything points to the spot Zajezierze however, in connection with the alleged suicide Julianna guess is that it could not be buried in a Catholic cemetery. My great-grandfather Felix was born on 14.11.1883 in Suchatówce, had two brothers and two sisters: Anthony, Stephen, Joseph and Teresa.

Antoni Rogalski was born in Suchatówka 14.01.1896r. He worked in the police force since 1925 with the allocation of the constable in the county in Sobolew Garwolin. At least since 1936 he served in the province. Polesie. In September 1939, at the police station in Linowie the district Pużańskim. He was awarded the medal of the Tenth Anniversary Independence Day. In 1939, he was taken prisoner by the Soviets. He was transported to the camp in Ostashkov. He suffered a martyr's death shared the fate of thousands of Polish soldiers and police officers by the NKVD in April 1940 in the town of Tver. He was buried in a cemetery in Mednoye. Rogalski Antoni had two children: Edward and Martha.
About Martha know that she lived in Bydgoszcz. Edward and studied in Krakow. He was persecuted by the authorities. It is known that he applied for a passport, he wanted to leave the country. Hearing about it, however, was lost.

Stefan Rogalski emigrated to France. He had two children, Rosalie and Seweryn. Nothing more about him and his children is not known.
Joseph Rogalska known only that she married Stanislas Szynlinga. They had a son named Louis.

Teresa Rogalska married with Mr. Krokowskim. It is known that they had three children: Irene (ur.1930), Joseph and John. Daughter Irene married Eugene Zygor. Their children were Thomas and Zbigniew. Today they live in Inowrocław.

Felix graduated from high school in Szczecin. He was a bricklayer. As a result, the Polish were not on the map of Europe was drafted into the German army and military service (as a result of his military books) in the years 1905-1907.
Married Wladyslaw Nowak, July 27, 1909, in Gniewkowo (Argenau). After a year of birth of first child-daughter, Helena (b. 1910) When Helen was three months grandparents decided to travel to Germany. They went to Recklinghauzen (Westphalia). Felix has worked hard in the mines. In Germany, Felix and Wladyslaw was born two children, Sylvia and Florian But some time after birth died. When the July 1914 war broke out Felix again became the German Army and served in it until its end in 1918. It is known that participated in the bloodiest battle of World War I Verdun. Was wounded. He was in the hospital. In 1933, the great-grandparents decided to buy a farm in Murzynko. Before they sold the building in Inowrocław. Working on the farm proved to be a bad idea, they decided to go back to the city. They sold the house with his whole household. Did not have time to buy a new home in Inowroclaw since war broke out. They were the proverbial suitcase full of money, which after the war became worthless banknotes (Silver coins converted into rings). When war broke out, were expelled to Zajezierze. After the war he moved to the Black woman in the rectory. At the wound from the battle of Verdun generated at the Felix tumor. He was operated on in a hospital in Inowrocław. After the operation, he died. He is buried in the cemetery in Inowrocław. His wife died in the rectory of Ladislaus and was buried in Murzynku. After years of great-grandmother's ashes were transferred to Inowrocław. Currently, the site is buried their son, John Rogalski.
Felix's wife, my grandmother was born on June 24, 1889 in Gniewkowo. Mother Wladyslawa - Eve (b. 3/12/1863) came from the Kujawy Lived in a mansion in Buczkowie. They had an estate. The work was assisted by the service. Eva married a worker-Francis Nowak (b. 10/10/1863, d.. 05/01/1937), so it could not accept the family. Wydziedziczyli it. But eventually they gave her a house in Gniewkowo, surrey and 2 horses. She died of cancer at the age of 57 years 15.081921 years. Her husband re-married his maid.
One of Felix's children was my grandfather Rogalski Rogalski Marian, who was born on 6 December 1929 year. He was a carpenter. Before he founded his own company, he served in the army, which moved to a civilian in Army noncommissioned officer level. There, in the military refer very successful in athletics. Especially in the javelin throws.

My grandfather had three children. One of them was my father Miroslav, who was born also 6 December 1965. It entered into a marriage with my mother, Isabella of Gawrońskich. The infamous anniversary of the imposition of martial law in Poland came into the world early in the morning of 13 December 1985 on Friday.

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